Awards > Chin-Fu Tsang Coupled Processes Award

Chin-Fu Tsang is a pioneer in the field of “coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical (THMC) processes” in geological media and was among the first to recognize their importance in safety assessment of nuclear waste geological repositories and other geoscientific activities. He initiated and organized a series of workshops on the topic held at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in the early 1980s. The findings from these workshops were summarized in a book “Coupled Processes Associated with Nuclear Waste Repositories” published in 1987. For 15 years, he served as the chairman of the international DECOVALEX project, from its inception in 1992 until 2007, to lead research into coupled processes, to promote international cooperation and to encourage young geoscientists to enter this exciting multi-disciplinary field. Since Chin-Fu’s pioneering work and subsequent effort, coupled THMC processes are today widely considered as critically important in a range of geoengineering activities, and known to be extremely complex and challenging to model, especially for fractured geological media.

In order to encourage further research and advancement of knowledge in THMC processes in fractured geological media, CouFrac has established the Chin-Fu Tsang Coupled Processes Award to recognize outstanding contributions from geoscientists in their early career (defined below) in research into THMC coupling in fractured rock that are of importance internationally. The winner of ‘Chin-Fu Tsang Coupled Processes Award’ will be announced two months before each CouFrac conference, and the award will be conferred during the conference.

Potential candidates should:

(1) have no more than eight years of experience past their PhD
(2) have made significant contributions on THMC for fractured rock (journal publications need to be provided and will be reviewed by the award committee)

The winner will be presented an award plaque or certificate and an honorarium of US$3,000 to partially support his/her travel to the conference.

Nomination letters are invited and should be sent to the conference organization committee, together with the CV of the candidate and copies of one, two, but no more than three, significant journal papers.

How to apply?

Either by applicants or by nominators, the following items should be sent to the conference chair Jonny Rutqvist ( by August 17, 2018:
1. The applicant’s CV
2. Nomination letter(s)
3. 1-3 significant journal papers by the applicant

Winner Evaluation Criteria:
Nominations will we collected and summarized by the Conference Chair and Co-chairs and distributed to the members of the International Science Advisory Committee for their review and ranking. The nomination with highest overall ranking will be selected for the award.

Important dates:

August 17, 2018, Deadline for Nomination/Application submission
September 15, 2018, Announcement of the winner
November 12, Award ceremony and the winner speech at the conference