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Announcement on the winner of 2018 Chin-Fu Tsang Coupled Processes Award

( Release time: 2018-09-18 Tuesday )

We would like to announce that Dr Adriana Paluszny of Imperial College London has been selected to receive the 2018 Chin-Fu Tsang Coupled Processes Award.

The selection has been out of a group of eleven outstanding nominees from Canada, China, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA. The nominees are limited to those with eight years or less of professional experience after their PhD degree. An initial assessment was made by the CouFrac organization committee, and then all eleven files with the initial assessment were forwarded to members of the CouFrac International Scientific Advisory (ISAC) Committee for their evaluation. The ISAC members then provided their selection of three top candidates with ranking. The results were combined to arrive at the final selection.

The final selection was not so obvious because there are so many very strong nominees. One ISAC member noted: “I found the pool of applicants to be very strong. In my estimation, about half of them would be deserving of this award, and will probably receive it in due time. The strength of the applications proves that the field of “coupled processes” is very strong and thriving, and shows that establishing this award was a timely decision.”

The 2018 Chin-Fu Tsang Coupled Processes Award will be conferred to Dr Paluszny during the CouFrac Conference in Wuhan on 12-14 November 2018. This will be followed by an award lecture by her.